Riga been on my personal top list for years. I worked for a magazine about European culture and politics as a journalist some years ago. We had a strong focus on Eastern Europe. Beside Warsaw Riga was always a hotspot for a fast changing metropol and a vivid art scene. Also I received many recommendations for their exciting music scene. With my background of being a musician that definitely caught my interest. Finally, I made it to Riga. And I sing the song along with so many others: Riga is a hidden gem. This is the photo documentary that will take you with me on my trip to Riga.

I was amazed by the many cultural influences from all over Europe. Getting to know more about the history everything makes sense and you understand for sure, why Riga is a small but very proud city. Rigas history is very complicated (some say like there language). It was under auspices of Germany, Sweden, Russia and never really felt independence for very long till the end of the Soviet Empire in 1991. Patience, believe and the right amount of unruly finally brought freedom. And now you’ll find a people in the streets with hard, proud lines on their faces but friendly attentively eyes.

While the city center which is UNESCO world heritage is already quite crowded you’ll be happy to step out to districts like the „hipster paradise“ Miera iela which reminded me of the 90´s in Berlin. Not just the empty factories or old wooden houses, but also these young people who are even dressed like in those times. Not to mention the underground techno clubs which played the same techno which Berlin was famous for.

Riga Streetphotography

Riga Central Market


As a photographer you’ll find beautiful objects in shapes of Art Nouveau styles to old wooden houses, massive bulidings, and stunning views from rooftops. I found it to be a bit hard to really do a lot of street photography because somehow the streets were always so empty. It seems like most of the time the people of Riga spend inside. But on the other hand it made it much easier to capture places without people in front.

Go there, you’ll enjoy it.


Riga Part One

Riga Part Two

Riga Part Three